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I choose to love, to be peace, and to feel alive, fully powered by God (or the Universe – what ever you want to call IT).

Several years ago, I experienced a spiritual awakening and my entire experience of life changed. I no longer live life from a place of forcing, trying, and struggle. Life is way more fun and enjoyable when lived from love, joy, inner-peace, ease, and especially intuition!

I have a PhD degree in exercise physiology and I taught group fitness classes for 18 years. I was really good at following the rules, jumping through the hoops, and should-ing myself into action. A friend of mine used to tell me I had so much willpower. And, you better believe it, I did! That wasn’t a good place to live from long term. I was often sick with colds, mononucleosis, and very often fatigued. Overwhelm and stress were running me and I had a hard time being present and really appreciating the beautiful life and family that I had created.

I now know that living a truly authentic, happy, purposeful, peaceful, and love-filled life comes from ease, intuition, and spirit, rather than struggle and over action. Joy and satisfaction come from the power we experience from an open and flowing energy field instead of our own willpower. I follow my guidance from God and the Universe instead of needing to figure it out and over-analyze. When it comes to my body, I tap into its inner wisdom and follow my energy free from judgment, rules, and shoulds. Thank God for that!! Hallelujah!!

I am a Spiritual Teacher and Healer. I became an Ordained Minister in 2016. Through my energy field and intuition, I facilitate healing of spiritual, past life, and emotional patterns that restrict our energy flow and inhibit us from feeling free, joyful, and alive. These blocks in our energy field can eventually lead to illness, and this is an important aspect of our wellness to consider especially when faced with a conventional medicine diagnosis or problems with the body. There is always a spiritual and energetic cause to consider.

I hold certifications in Energy Healing and Lifeforce Coaching through the Deborah King Center. In addition, I am a Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, which is a profound technique that very quickly shifts the energy in the brain out of lower-brain dominance and stress to the clarity, confidence, joy, and peace of the Higher-brain.

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Our true freedom comes from the inside. When we shift our inner experience out of fear, guilt, shame, anger, and apathy we free up our energy to live from love, joy, compassion, gratitude, light, and magic.

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