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Stay connected to Rachel through links to her blog and podcasts, and book her for your wedding or sacred ceremony. The app also includes a meditation timer, called Time to Be, supporting your growth, healing, happiness, and peace.

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Power Words – Click on Power Words anytime for a randomly generated, yet synchronistic, image with a powerful word that you can use as a mantra throughout the day, as a mantra in meditation, or as guidance. The research shows that negative thoughts decrease immune function, making our body less able to fight illness and disease. These powerful words will rewire your brain for wellness and joy.

Recreators – Open Recreators for daily messages that are designed to shift perception and heal. Rachel includes powerful Recreators that, when stated, support you in healing and living your lightest radiance.

Push Notifications (Messages) – Rachel will connect with you and encourage your growth by sending occasional friendly messages that include: reminders to pause and breath, inspirational and affirming quotes, and other fun messages.

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REV with Rachel Podcast

Listen to the REV with Rachel Podcast, where we Recreate ~ Enlighten ~ Vibrate in our radiance!

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My Book – Radiantly Free

What if you could liberate yourself to live in happiness, health, freedom, and peace? You can, and it happens from the inside. Radiantly Free describes how living and being aligned with our Godly potential frees us and how we can recreate our lives using our own power that is within each and every one of us. Our potential is unconditional Love, and when we are expressing our God self in the world we have a high vibration and a clear and radiant energy field. This allows inner and outer healing to happen.


“Dr. Rachel shares the power of unconditional love
and how to create it. She has done her inner work and comes
from a place of experience and knowing.”
- Nancy Clairmont Carr

“Rachel has such a beautiful way of expressing her wisdom
and perception of the Biblical Truth that is found
when we live in love and peace creating
unity with our body, soul and spirit!”
- Mary W.

“Rachel does an amazing job of reminding us
that we are in charge of determining our own destiny
and finding joy. It shouldn’t be hard but first we have to step back
and pause to listen to what our heart is telling us.”
- Katrina L. Roman

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