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10 Signs of Spiritual Maturity

At a certain point in our lives we may realize that what once worked for us no longer does. We experience an awakening from living life from what we think we should do or from other societal constructs that we have taken on and we shift into living from the whole Life...

Healing the Hard: The Shift from Struggle to Ease

This week the song from Annie, “It’s a hard knock life for us…,” kept popping into my head! Because I believe in the power of the mind and I practice mastery of my mind, I would start singing out loud, “It’s a lovely life for us…, ” every time this song came into my...

A Look at the Alci-ness

Are you wondering what “alci-ness” is? You probably haven’t heard of it before, because it is a new word that I have made up today! So, I want to talk about something that really isn’t talked about much day-to-day. It is the use of alcohol in our society, and today I...

Shifting the Shallow Body

Being a group fitness instructor for 18 years, I was really good at cranking the music and using exercise as a distraction and as an escape. I toyed with more is better and I valued a run with music blaring over a walk in nature with no headphones. However, we’re...

Tap Your Unlimited Energy

We have a great potential within us that is a source of unlimited energy, joy, bliss, and freedom. Why don’t we live this in our day to day lives? Are you living a tired and exhausted life? Are you feeling a lack of purpose and drive? If we aren’t living from the...

Shifting “The Stuff”: Perceiving Life As Love

If you are human, then it is likely you have your “stuff.” And unless you have done years and years of meditation, energy healing, and personal growth work, then the “stuff” is likely to still be running you rather than letting the joy and radiance of Life live...

God & Science Merged

There has been all kinds of research on the benefits of spiritual or religious practice, such as meditation or prayer, on various health and quality of life outcomes. Something I read very recently really intrigued me. Dr. Andrew Newberg has been studying spiritual...

The Lost Taste

Who would have thought that I, Rachel, could lose my taste for alcohol? Oh, ah hem, not me! Um, heck no. Well, I did. I don’t want it, and I can’t even stand the smell of it. I have a few ideas about how this happened, so here’s a bit of my story. In my early 20’s I...

Owning & Shifting All Our Stuff

How we feel is ours. On a deep level, what comes up for us is ours and is not truly about the faces before us at any particular time. If we don’t heal our own feelings, emotions, defenses, then our same stuff is going to keep coming up until we heal it within us. It...

Create your authentic and beautiful life experience

Our true freedom comes from the inside. When we shift our inner experience out of fear, guilt, shame, anger, and apathy we free up our energy to live from love, joy, compassion, gratitude, light, and magic.

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