At a certain point in our lives we may realize that what once worked for us no longer does. We experience an awakening from living life from what we think we should do or from other societal constructs that we have taken on and we shift into living from the whole Life that is us but is beyond us.

As we fully engage in our awakening we realize that nothing short of our Highest and most radiant expression will ever satisfy us. We awaken to the truth that we are all that God is (or the Universe, Source, Life) whatever you want to call it. You can align your energy and express into your experience those qualities and states that are peace, bliss, balance, harmony, joy, health, and freedom!

You know you are really aligned with your Godly potential or have blossomed into a sort of Spiritual Maturity when you are expressing and experiencing Life in the following ways:

1. You know that your emotions, reactions, triggers are your own and you don’t blame other people for how you are feeling. You embrace what rises in you as an opportunity to heal and shift into and create a new experience.

2. Nothing anyone says, does, or doesn’t do bothers you. You are un-offendable, un-hurtable, and your life is drama-free. You are the peace that God is.

3. You know that mental mastery is a key to your freedom. As circumstances arise in your experience or you notice your mind seeming to have a mind of its own, you master your mind and your experience by telling yourself a new story or a new truth that aligns with your Godly potential – or capital “R” Reality and not your small “r” reality.

4. You are very in-tune to what is true for you and you follow your own intuition and guidance, and you trust this over your old beliefs or what others say. You encourage others to honor their own intuition.

5. You shift out of lower brain fear, worry, and overwhelm, and into the capacities of Higher brain functioning, such as intuition, insight, empowerment, and ease.

6. You are unconditionally accepting of yourself and others, because you are the Love and acceptance that God is.

7. You are so okay with all of you that you are no longer needy of others, seek approval, or have a need to prove yourself.

8. You embrace and trust the flow, support, and perfection of Life Itself, so you let go of control, over-planning, worry, and uncertainty.

9. Your inner experience is peace, joy, gratitude, bliss, acceptance, and Love, so all anger, overwhelm, stress, judgement, anxiety, depression, and disempowerment has diminished.

10. You are shining your own inner-wisdom, creativity, and purposefulness.

Blessings of Bliss,