This week the song from Annie, “It’s a hard knock life for us…,” kept popping into my head! Because I believe in the power of the mind and I practice mastery of my mind, I would start singing out loud, “It’s a lovely life for us…, ” every time this song came into my awareness. And, I knew that it was a sign that it was time to write this post ?

There is a pervasive human belief that is engrained in the human race consciousness that life is hard, difficult, or a struggle. People believe that anything of value has to come from hard work and struggle. People value “hard work” and are proud of how “hard” they work. This creates a very heavy life and doesn’t allow us to experience a different perception. That is, life can be experienced in lightness and ease. And even if we are experiencing a life challenge, we can still move through it in ease, in trusting Life, and in noticing and following our guidance.

God wants ease, beauty, creativity, purpose, fun, and joy for us, but it is up to us to choose it and start seeing it throughout the day. Experiencing a more Godly life comes from living in the present moment, changing our beliefs and what we are telling ourselves, and getting out of the lower brain grip that wants us to keep doing and experiencing life the same way day after day after day. We can change that!

Another way our lower brain keeps us the same is that it keeps us focused on problems. The lower brain keeps its attention on problems, whether it is the slow driver in front of us, the weather, health issues, or perceived problems at work. When we loosen the grip of the lower brain, these perceived problems transform and we can be okay with every day and even see the beauty in every day. Focusing on problems inhibits us expressing our Godly potential.

I was recently at an event and I was sitting near a woman who was insisting that “life is difficult.” She was at a table of coaches and I led the conversation suggesting another perspective. She couldn’t lighten up on her perspective. As she was leaving she came up to me and asked me if I had seen her keys anywhere. She had lost her keys. I replied, “no,” and I saw her proceed to make her rounds around the room, frantically looking for her keys. I saw the immediate outward expression of her belief that life is difficult. We don’t have to create difficulty or drama for ourselves.

Several years ago, I took a class that teaches about the power of the mind and changing our beliefs in order to align our inner and outer life to the Life that God Is. This Life is ease, peace, harmony, joy, acceptance, wisdom, etc. Another student in the class gave us all a bookmark that had “Life is so easy for me” typed on it. Because I spent much of my life perceiving things as harder than they need to be, I was inspired to use this phrase in many circumstances where I was aware that I was perceiving things as “hard.”

For example, as a mom I used it often when I would feel frustrated. I would say in my mind over and over, “Being a mom is so easy for me. Being a mom is so easy for me.” I would even say things like, “Being a mom feels like Mary Poppins.” Being a full-time mom with a business became easier and lighter over time. The other day, my younger son said to me, “Mommy, you are Mary Poppins.” We watched the movie Mary Poppins when he was around 4 years old, but otherwise we had not talked about Mary Poppins for a few years. I took that as a sign – the Universe giving me a message through my son – that I had made that shift in my motherhood. I had healed myself.

I used the “easy” phrase again in February 2017, when I wrote my first book in 19 days. I had committed to 30 days at an eWomen event that I attended, wondering when I said I would write it in 30 days where that had come from! At the start of writing each chapter I felt a heaviness and a dread. I realized that I had believed that writing was hard. I began telling myself over and over that “Writing is so easy for me. Being an author is so easy for me….” Stay tuned – Radiantly Free is coming soon!

I remember a moment when I was thinking that mastering my mind was that hardest thing I had every done. Then, I laughed at myself and realized I had to now tell myself that “Mastering my mind is so easy for me!”

Are there places where you are creating hardness, difficulty, and struggle? Try changing your mind and know that it is just your perception and you can heal your perception. Aligning with the ease that God is takes practice. Take deep breaths when you realize that you are experiencing things as “hard” and start telling yourself a new story.

Meditation loosens the grip of the lower brain that keeps us perceiving life in a certain way. You can download my free app with the Time to Be Meditation Timer to support your journey to EASE! Go to for the links to download and information on subscribing for additional awesome growth promoting features that guide you in recreating a more light and Godly experience.

To Our Collective Ease and Healing,

Rev. Dr. Rachel