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Eggplant Intution

One of my early experiences with using my intuition with food was several years ago when I was attending an energy healing workshop at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Carmel, CA. This area is absolutely beautiful, with an awesome combo fragrance in the air of ocean and...

What does YOUR body need?

Would it blow your mind a little bit if I told you that only you know the answer to this question – What does YOUR body need? There isn’t any expert, physician, diet book, personal trainer, or nutritionist, that can really, or TRULY, answer this for you. There is a...

Where is she withholding love?

Recently, I was reminded of my purpose when I attended an event on wellness. It was high energy and chock full of great speakers, health info, and stats. That’s all fun and interesting until we realize there is far more to good health than what we eat, what...

Create your authentic and beautiful life experience

Our true freedom comes from the inside. When we shift our inner experience out of fear, guilt, shame, anger, and apathy we free up our energy to live from love, joy, compassion, gratitude, light, and magic.

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