One of my early experiences with using my intuition with food was several years ago when I was attending an energy healing workshop at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Carmel, CA. This area is absolutely beautiful, with an awesome combo fragrance in the air of ocean and forest.

As I was en route to Asilomar after my flight arrived, my taxi driver was kind enough to stop at the grocery store so I could pick up some snacks and water. As I walked into the store I glanced over and my attention was drawn to some eggplants stacked near the entry. They looked pretty sitting there, all curvy and deep purple. And, there was a sense of “notice me” coming from the eggplants. When intuition is ‘on’ something, it is like all of your awareness and attention goes there. I continued on, picked out my snacks, and headed out to my taxi.

After getting settled in my room and getting out for a peaceful stroll by the ocean, I headed down to the dining hall for dinner. I looked at the food board and there were two options for dinner that evening: chicken parmesan or eggplant parmesan.

Now, if you have spent any time around fitness fanatics over the past 20 years, you would know that anyone who works out should maximize their protein intake and of course choose the chicken meal option. In this circumstance, my conditioning and prior beliefs would have me choose the chicken option. However, because of how the eggplant had caught my attention earlier in the day I chose the eggplant parmesan. To my memory, I had never had an eggplant meal before. Maybe it had been a part of some quiche or something in the past, but the eggplant definitely would not have been something that I would have chosen from a menu.

Because I followed my intuition instead of my rules and shoulds, I enjoyed one of the most delicious and satisfying meals I had ever had. Nourishing our bodies can be blissful and experienced in gratitude and love. In my experience, nutrition intuition works like I described with the eggplant or you can have have a vision, knowing, or hear something as well. Have you ever had an intuitive experience with food or your body? Please leave a comment!

Open your mind, relax the rules, and be grateful ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon