How we feel is ours. On a deep level, what comes up for us is ours and is not truly about the faces before us at any particular time. If we don’t heal our own feelings, emotions, defenses, then our same stuff is going to keep coming up until we heal it within us. It will be our same ‘ole stuff triggered by a different face.

I have not ever really felt that we need to get super analytical about where all “our stuff” comes from, or why we are angry, or why we are disempowered, or why we feel unsupported. That can get very victim-y. Those awarenesses will come to us when/if we need them. The important thing is that when something comes up for us and it has a bit of emotional charge, or a huge emotional charge, it is our emotion, it is our feeling, “it” is in our inner realm to heal. If we don’t address it in us now, then it will just show up again later. And, if we can feel it, own it, and not make it about the other person, a powerful healing and perceptual shift can occur for us.

What does this mean? It means that there is no one to blame, no one is essentially ‘doing’ anything to us, and we will keep “attracting” the same stuff which reflects “our stuff” that we haven’t healed until we address it in ourselves. Uffda. Does that make sense?

The people and circumstances around us can’t change until we change or heal in ourselves.

“They” are only serving as a reflection for “us”. Can you sense the energy entanglement in our reflections? Make a practice of feeling and observing your own stuff without attaching to the ‘story’ or the drama energy of it. Then, just notice the miracles and feel how joy flows more easily when this becomes your new awareness. Clear the stuff, let the love.

May the peace in your heart bless the world ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon