Recently, I was reminded of my purpose when I attended an event on wellness. It was high energy and chock full of great speakers, health info, and stats. That’s all fun and interesting until we realize there is far more to good health than what we eat, what supplements we take, how far we run, or how many steps we take.

A surgeon was presenting on stage and talking about a friend of hers who lives a very healthy lifestyle. She described her as a healthy eater, exerciser, and happy mom, but one day she was diagnosed with a heart condition. As she was emphasizing the importance of a “healthy lifestyle because we never know when something could go wrong with the body”, I heard a question…

So, this happens sometimes – It is called clairaudience. It is an intuitive experience when we hear something inside that isn’t our own thinking or someone in the chair next to us. Clairaudience becomes a more common experience as we become more in tune with our intuition and everyone has this capability. Now, back to the story~

What I heard was this: “WHERE IS SHE WITHHOLDING LOVE?”

Interesting! “Where is she withholding love?”, I thought. Is she withholding love from herself? Is she withholding love from someone who hurt her in the past? Is she critical of others instead of compassionate? Hmmmm…

The importance of Love when it comes to our health is overlooked in our society. I was already aware of this, but being at this event with thousands of attendees and having this clairaudient experience reminded me that my purpose is to teach about the aspects of our health and body that are largely ignored by the medical and health industries.

Sorry, but I am so tired of all the ‘health & healthy’ out there. So much of it is a rather shallow approach to our miraculous bodies.

Let’s dig deeper into the spiritual, energetic, and emotional aspects of us! Let us not be healthy, but Radiantly Well!!

Stay tuned for more on Soul, Intuition, Life, and Love with Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon.

**This isn’t medical advice. Visit your physician when needed. Feel and listen to your body and use your intuition.**