Would it blow your mind a little bit if I told you that only you know the answer to this question – What does YOUR body need? There isn’t any expert, physician, diet book, personal trainer, or nutritionist, that can really, or TRULY, answer this for you.

There is a lot that goes into feeling and knowing your body and you are the only person that can tune into YOU.

Let’s take a look at how this relates to a hot topic, FOOD:

How much do you eat? When do you eat? What do you eat? When are you satisfied? Do you need more or less food because you were more or less active in a given day?

We can flow with our bodies, but this takes feeling, presence, intuition, and non-judgement.

One of the most impactful things we can do to come into harmony with our bodies and harmony with our food is to cut out our judgement. First, we must stop judging ourselves and our bodies… fat/thin, good/bad, healthy/unhealthy, pretty/ugly, enough/not enough, smart/idiot, etc. Can you feel the ickiness in all of this? Energetically and physically, making ourselves wrong is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves and our bodies. Self-acceptance will change your life and your wellness. Accept what a beautiful blessing and miracle you are. Because you are! I mean because you even exist at all! Isn’t that amazing?

Second, we must stop judging our food. Can you imagine that? ? haha this makes me laugh a little – no really, imagine that there is no good food and no bad food. It just IS. Freeing ourselves when it comes to food starts with discontinuing our judgement of our food as good/bad, healthy/unhealthy, high fat/low fat, high calorie/low calorie, etc, etc. When we really get into our love and our lightness, we feel and know the IS-ness of EVERYTHING. IT IS ALL GO(O)D! From a space of non-judgement, we open to our intuitive guidance to what is best for us, and it just may not line up with our old beliefs about ‘healthy’ food.

Perhaps there is a food that would be best for YOU in a given moment. Here’s the thing: we are unable to really feel what that food is if we have all kinds of judgements, restrictions, rules, and shoulds that we have constructed around food. We will eat what we think we should eat and feel unsatisfied, or we will eat what we think we shouldn’t and feel guilty, or we just won’t care or feel at all because we are numbing the heck out of ourselves.

I will guarantee you this: the food that would be best for you will be delicious and satisfying. It might be something you had never tried before or it might be something you used to eat and feel bad about. When we enjoy our food in enjoyment, gratitude, and judgement-free, instead of guilt and shame about food and our ourselves, we won’t overindulge.

So let’s stop judging our food so we can free ourselves from all guilt, fear, and shame that we have associated with food. And, when we free ourselves from all guilt, fear, and shame around food and everything, we become happy, light, joyful, grateful, and loving.

Enjoy the blessing that food is and thanks for reading ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon