If you are human, then it is likely you have your “stuff.” And unless you have done years and years of meditation, energy healing, and personal growth work, then the “stuff” is likely to still be running you rather than letting the joy and radiance of Life live through you. The stuff may be an unrealized self-hatred that gets projected onto others via judgement and criticism. The stuff may be anger that we try not to feel by running away from it, literally, by running marathons and then drinking beer at the finish line. The stuff may be shame that keeps us paralyzed from taking any risks because of our fear that we won’t be perfect or be enough. The stuff that keeps us from living radiantly joyful and free is uniquely individual. It is time to lighten the load and dump “The Stuff.”

If you are ready to get really Real, that is “capital R” Real, like God Real, and reveal your inner Radiance and Light, then continue reading to learn about some shifts in perception that are required for our true liberation and Highest and Free-est potential.

There are 5 major Shifts In Perception that we are capable of experiencing and that radically shift our energetic vibration, our physiology, and our life expression. Read on…

Shifting from self-hatred to Self-Love – Choosing self-love and self-acceptance is one of the greatest shifts that we can make. By loving and accepting our life, our bodies, and who we are, we change our vibration drastically. This shift helps the body naturally heal, improve in flexibility, and become more radiant and naturally beautiful. You can tell how you are doing with your self-love by observing how you talk about others. If you find yourself talking or thinking about how much you “hate” someone or something, you will know that you have some work to do. That criticism is a reflection of our own self-criticism and we are only be capable of unconditional Love of the world when we choose to unconditionally Love ourselves. We also have to stop comparing ourselves to others. Self-Love is simply a choice that has to be chosen moment to moment to moment, regardless of all the ways we may think we aren’t enough. Practice Makes Radiance…

Shifting from victim to creator – The shift from victim to creator is a realization that nothing is happening to us and that we are the powerful co-creators of our lives. From the Soul level, we have chosen this life and these circumstances. In this shift, we realize that there is no one to blame and all that happens is either a reflection of our wounds, a karmic agreement, or we are creating it by the power structures of our thoughts and beliefs. We can heal and free ourselves by owning all of our triggers and emotional reactions and noticing our reactions and knowing it isn’t about anyone else at all. No one is making us feel any particular way, whether that is hurt, angry, sad, etc. They are just reflecting us in energetic perfection. Once we are no longer reacting and living from our wounds and triggers, we take the energetic power away and the trigger or reaction lessens over time. Then, we allow more of the peace, bliss, and Grace of Life to move through us. If these first 2 shifts were the only shifts we made in our lives we would be living a quite happy and light life. BUT WAIT! There’s more…..!!!

Shifting from the doer to an instrument – Now, as the mastery of these first 2 shifts becomes more and more integrated into our being, we become more aware of Life living us rather than an experience of being a human who has to do everything and make everything happen. This is when life gets wildly more spiritual, synchronistic, and peaceful. More of the Life that we are lives through us and flows through us more easily and we become an observer to ourselves and world. How we flow and live gets to be involuntary and we know there is a reason for everything we do even if it doesn’t always feel like it in the moment. Our freedom accentuates with this shift because much of the worry, overwhelm, irritation, doubt, and over-analyzing dissolves.

Shifting from chaos to Divine perfection – Another shift in perception that is possible to see, live, and experience is the perception of Divine perfection in everything. This shift gets harder to put into words ? From lower levels of consciousness the world may look bad. However, from higher levels of consciousness the Divine orchestration becomes more clear. There is no “bad” or “good,” just Go(o)d. Can you see the Go(o)d in every person, all the beautiful food before us, and in and through everything?? If not, are you ready to start? I promise you won’t regret it ?

Shifting from fear to Love – Lastly, the shift from fear to Love is where our greatest Soul expression is lived. From the level of the Soul, fully integrated with our Godself, we become Love or an expression of Life Itself. Now, when we become Love, this is not the human, emotional, and attached kind of love. This is a radiant expression of energetic beingness that just IS and sees that in EVERYTHING. All fear of death, fear of not fitting in, fear of life, all angst, loses its power in us. Always remember that fear is not ultimately real; in Truth, there is nothing to fear. Watch closely what you are choosing to be afraid of, whether it is getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new or taking a look at whether your fear of a non-existent devil being is really serving you. We want to transcend fear, not feed our fear with more fear. Some religious traditions and family upbringings have actually inhibited our growth and potential by teaching us fear, guilt, shame, and unworthiness, translating into a low vibrational level of existence. This isn’t a joyful or healthy way to live. Now we can choose to shift and grow beyond that.

KNOW THIS: You are Loved. You are Worthy. You are Go(o)d. BE LOVE, we are THAT!

Blessings for your journey and your radiant growth! Remember to have fun.

Life is Go(o)d~

Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon