We have a great potential within us that is a source of unlimited energy, joy, bliss, and freedom. Why don’t we live this in our day to day lives? Are you living a tired and exhausted life? Are you feeling a lack of purpose and drive?

If we aren’t living from the place of aliveness and the Life that is bubbling up from inside of us, then we are probably giving our power or giving our energy away in ways that are out of alignment with our Soul. There isn’t an energy drink or cup of coffee that is going to help us out with this. Our energy runs much deeper…

How do we align with our Soul and live from the unlimited energy within us?

  1. Choose yourself. Choose to accept and love you. When we feel bad about ourselves or our bodies or compare ourselves to others, we give our power away. Deciding to be grateful for who we are is a choice we get to make in any moment. Don’t disempower yourself in this way; feel the blessing that you are.
  2. Maximize the radiance of your energy field. We’ve got all kinds of energetic blocks that have been built up from our reactions, traumas, conditioning, and even past lives, that inhibit our energy field from radiating all the light and power that we are. Do things that clear your energy field and open your energy centers (aka chakras), including meditation, schedule regular visits with an energy healer, get Higher Brain Living® sessions, and spend quiet time in nature. If there is something else you need for your healing, Life will guide you there.
  3. Don’t waste too much energy working out. The greatest myth when it comes to our bodies and fitness is that ‘more is better’. When I stopped wasting so much energy at the gym I found that I had way more energy to be present and energetic with my family throughout the entire day. We will be provided with unlimited energy for our purpose and for me that largely had to do with embracing my role as a mother. We can feel what our bodies need, and it may not line up with what we have done in the past. (Please stop running marathons!!)
  4. Follow your body, not the rules of others. There is a ton of health info, diets, exercise programs, out there! You might be led by Life to something that would benefit you, but this isn’t something you should force. Let go of the rigidity when it comes to food, move when you feel inspired, rest when you need to rest. Aches, pains, injuries, etc aren’t accidents, they are signals that in some way we are not aligned with our greatest life potential.
  5. Use loving words, thoughts, and beliefs when it comes to your body. Your thoughts and words create your experience and they create your body too.
    Stop being victim-y. Our power gets lost here. When we shift from living like life happens to us and into the power that unfolds from knowing and living as a creator, our whole life experience can change in a moment. Life reflects us. Change your thoughts, shift your perception, live the beauty of this life you have chosen.
  6. Do things that align with your greatest good. We waste a ton of energy doing things that we think we ‘should’ do or we are motivated by superficial factors. Let go of what no longer serves you and the highest good of your family. At a certain point in our spiritual development our why transitions from personal and conditioned reasons to an impersonal impulse that we can’t help but live as It… and this is where our unlimited energy pours forth.
  7. This is big. Choosing to step into life this way is beautiful and yet it can sometimes feel awful as we uproot and purge all that is not in alignment with our Soul or the true essence of who we are. Tapping our inner essence, light, and love will call forth a dumping of all the fear, anger, jealousy, and inner-crazy that we are not. But, it will be worth it and you are worth it!

Love & Light ~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon