Who would have thought that I, Rachel, could lose my taste for alcohol? Oh, ah hem, not me! Um, heck no.

Well, I did. I don’t want it, and I can’t even stand the smell of it. I have a few ideas about how this happened, so here’s a bit of my story.

In my early 20’s I loved shots. I thought shots were fun. Being extremely shy in groups, I loved how my inhibitions were lost through alcohol. It was freeing. I looked forward to the weekends and the opportunity to get drunk and unwind. By grad school when I was 25, my nights out turned more into happy hours, and they were happy! I liked the happy hour concept because I could still get a good nights rest! I had a lot of fun with my grad school friends, and I embraced how relaxed alcohol, particularly wine, made me feel.

I finished grad school, got married, and moved to Philly for a postdoctoral research position in the time of a month. Two months later I was pregnant. This was the end of my wine drinking for a while, obviously. Then, being a busy mom, I didn’t get to have wine too often. When I did I really looked forward to it. I mostly entertained wine when I was at neighborhood gatherings. It was after one evening that I had 2 glasses of wine and the next day I realized that I didn’t feel good. I was groggy and nauseas. I didn’t want to feel this way again, especially taking care of my precious boys. Being a mom was hard enough, and this was not how I wanted to show up for my family. I decided that I couldn’t do two glasses anymore; one was my limit.

My last glass of wine was in May of 2014. Two days after having that glass I was still feeling numb from the alcohol. It was a Tuesday, and I decided then that I probably would not put alcohol in my body again. My goal was to live my life in the high vibration of love, peace, and bliss, not in the way I was feeling from the extended effects of the alcohol.

Since then, I have lost my taste for alcohol. I have not had any desire for it and I don’t even like to smell it or be in a room where there are open bottles. I find it somewhat fascinating that I could have loved alcohol so much in the past, and now not care for it at all.

How could this happen?

I believe that because of my spiritual journey of energetic, spiritual, and emotional healing my vibration has shifted so that I don’t even resonate with alcohol anymore. Because this major shift happened I see alcohol in a new way; I don’t believe that alcohol is ‘healthy’ in any dose, regardless of what some studies may suggest.

I believe that because I have chosen to accept myself and get really comfortable in my own skin, I no longer need alcohol to feel uninhibited. I am me and that is amazing. (And you are you, and you are amazing!!)

I believe that due to the shift in my brain physiology out of lower brain stress and defenses and into the peace and contentment of the Higher Brain, I no longer look for or need things to relax me. I am generally relaxed and if I am not relaxed then it is something for me to feel and be with and not to numb out with a drug.

I believe that alcohol alters our consciousness and I have no where to be except me and enjoying the people I am with in the moment.

I believe that alcohol inhibits our intuition and our creativity for days after consumption, preventing us from living our greatest expression in the world.

And, on a conscious parenting note, I believe we are doing a disservice to our children if we are drinking in their presence. All they need is our love, our presence, and us being an example of being ok with us.

Are you being called to dig deeper into your alcohol consumption? Do you use alcohol to relax, unwind, or escape?

Let’s let ourselves feel and heal so that we can express freely & blissfully just as we are.

Love & Bliss~ Rev. Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon